July’19 Newsletter

Yesterday we had an assembly from Hampshire Library Service about the summer reading challenge. Details of the challenge are written below. It was shocking to discover that only 11 children from Pinewood Infants took part in the challenge last year. We certainly hope there will be a lot more this year.

The summer holidays do drag for some children (and their parents!) and the library is a good place to visit, there are often free activities as well as the books etc. you can borrow. A conversation on the playground with a child today was quite enlightening – he said he had never been to a library and his family could not afford it. It is free to join the library and every child should have the opportunity to go.

Open evening – Wednesday 10th July 4.30 – 6.30pm

You will receive your child’s written report next week. Please don’t forget to come into school and share their work with them on Wednesday.

Summer reading challenge – Space Chase

This summer the library service summer challenge is ‘Space Chase’. Children need to sign up for the challenge at their local library to receive their Space Mission Folder. They then need to read six books (or more) over the summer. For every book they read they get a special sticker for their folder. If they complete the challenge they will get a certificate and a medal and will be entered onto the library roll of honour. We will also have a roll of honour in the school library at Pinewood.

The challenge starts on Saturday 13th July and runs into September. In addition there are lots of games and activities linked to the Space Chase theme available on the website https://summerreadingchallenge.org.uk/ as well as more information for parents. Please take your child along to your local library and sign them up and have a great summer reading!

School disco – Friday 19th July – 5.00 – 6.15pm

Tickets for the school disco will cost £2.50 and will include a treat for the children to take home. Free squash and water will be available for the children throughout the disco.

If your child wishes to attend please send £2.50 (correct money please) in an envelope marked with your child’s name and school disco to school by Friday 12th July. Please note that there will be no tickets available on the door and no tickets will be issued after the 12th July, this will allow volunteer helpers to purchase the treats and squash etc. Tickets will be sent home in book bags the week of the disco.

We require a small group of parent helpers and if you think you might be able to help please contact the school office or Cat Thorburn.

Library and reading books

Although the children will continue to read in school until the end of term we will not be sending any more books home as we need to collect them in and audit the stock.

This also applies to library books so the library will be closed until the end of term.

Please return school books as soon as possible. Lost books will be charged for and parents will receive a bill if a book is not returned.

Talking to teachers.

We understand parents need to pass on information to teachers and often wish to talk to them about matters concerning their child. If you do wish to talk to your child’s teacher, after school is best rather than the morning when they are trying to welcome and settle the children. After school it is best to wait until they have dismissed all the children, rather than trying to talk whilst they still have some of the class left. This way they can ensure all the children have been safely handed over and the teacher can give you their undivided attention.