May’19 Newsletter

This has been a very busy few weeks and we are already at half term. This newsletter contains lots of information including forthcoming dates so be sure not to miss anything!


As interim Headteachers one of our roles is to review some of the systems and processes in the school We have recently reviewed the behaviour management system in the school and working with the staff, pupils and governors have produced a new positive behaviour policy. This week the children will be looking at the Golden Rules in school and how they can apply them to everything they do. They will be bringing home a copy for you to talk about together. Parents often like to put this on the fridge or a noticeboard and apply the same rules at home.

We have also revised and simplified some of the rewards and sanctions in the school and will be phasing the stamp card system out in favour of stickers and a new class reward system so more children can succeed. We will of course let the children with half completed cards finish these and receive their reward for doing so. The new policy is available on the website and we hope you will support the staff in implementing it.

We have also recently updated the anti- bullying policy and the policy on reasonable force; they have just been approved by the Governing Body and are available on the school website.

If you wish to discuss this, or other matters, as always please make an appointment to come and talk to Mrs Story or Mrs Harvey.

Year 1 Phonics workshops – Thursday 23 May

Please don’t forget to come along to the phonic workshops if you are a parent of a child in Year 1. After half term they will take part in the national phonic test and we hope to give you some ideas of ways you can support your child and some activities you can do at home over half term.


Water bottles

It has come to our attention that many of the ‘water’ bottles do in fact contain squash or juice. It is very important that they only contain water not only for health reasons; sugary drinks constantly sipped in this way are damaging to the children’s teeth and the constant sugar in their diet is not good for children. But also because anything other than water makes tables and books sticky at school which at this time of year attracts ants! We tell the children that water is ‘brain juice’ and they can drink as much as they need. All children – even those who claim they won’t – will drink water if thirsty, especially if that is all that is on offer! We will continue to encourage all children to have frequent water breaks. Please note that if anything other than plain water is found in water bottles it will be replaced with water.

Flower Power Day

On Friday 24th May we will be having a ‘Flower Power Day’ at Pinewood Infant School. All of the children are invited to come to school in their own clothes, in exchange for bringing a flowering bedding plant. As they are going to be outside planting please ensure their clothes are suitable for this activity – no best clothes, pretty party dresses or strappy sandals!

Throughout the day, the children will be planting the flowers around the school and in the courtyard. If you are available to help do some planting at any time during the day, please speak to your class teacher or let the school office know as soon as possible so we can organise a helpers rota. We are looking forward to the school grounds looking bright and colourful.


We are delighted to see most children wearing their school uniform smartly. Whilst aware that this has not been an expectation from the school it has always been policy. I know that some children are wearing grey or black not navy school trousers at the moment as long as they are smart school trousers these may be worn until the end of term. The correct uniform will be expected in September. Please remember that joggers and jeans style trousers are not uniform.

A reminder please to ensure that children do not wear jewellery to school and this includes watches. These items of value can easily get damaged or lost and are best kept for home.

Although it is currently not stated as part of the uniform code we would prefer children with long hair to keep it tied up in school. It is required to be tied up for PE lessons, cooking, and some practical subjects for reasons of health and safety but it can be distracting to the child and their neighbours when working at a table if very long hair is loose. There is also a higher risk of head lice if long hair is left loose and infant children do play closely together and head to head contact is common.


We would ask that children do not bring toys and other treasured items from home to school. They are not permitted to play with them during the day and they could end up being lost or broken. If a child is required to bring something from home, as part of the topic they are working on in school, then the teacher will look after it in their cupboard to keep it safe.


Walk to School Week – Monday, 20th – Friday, 24th May

We are again participating in this Hampshire event.  The event will run slightly differently this year in that the children will record their journey to school on a wall chart in class rather than the stickers and cards.  We recognize this is difficult for the children who come on transport, so please encourage them to walk where possible or extend their walk to the pickup point.

Parent forum

Mrs Harvey met with the Parent Forum recently to discuss summer term events. We are currently planning an end of term disco for the children as well as a raffle which will be held on Sports day. More information will follow as well as requests for offers of help with the events.

Y2 Transition Visits to Guillemont – Tuesday 18th June pm and Thursday 4th July am.

This year the transition visits for Y2 children will take place on the afternoon of Tuesday, 18th June, from 1pm to 3.25pm.  The second visit will be on the morning of Thursday, 4th July from 9am until 11.45am.

Please see the letter that came from Guillemont for more details.

Events this term

  • Sports Day – This year we are hoping to hold Sports Day on the afternoon of Tuesday, 2nd July, or alternatively on Tuesday, 9th July depending on the weather. More information will follow shortly.
  • Open evening – Come along with your child to look at the work they have been doing this term.
  • Year 2 Leavers assembly – Year 2 will celebrate their three years at Pinewood Infant School as they move on to the adventure of the Junior School. Bring your tissues!