Snow Day Home Learning

Even on a snow day, the learning doesn’t stop. As we were learning about castles, the children were challenged to make a castle out of snow for their snow day home learning. They exceeded expectations and made the most wonderful castles. Many children recruited the rest of their family to help them and the challenge turned into a fun family activity.

Ranger visit

We invited the local rangers to enhance our science learning experience. The two visits provided the children with opportunities to explore our on-site woodland area and identify trees and plants by carefully looking at the leaves. The rangers bought a selection of animal skulls and nests for the children to handle and help identify. They also played games in our lovely courtyard to develop their understanding of predator and prey and the importance of all parts of the food chain.

Art curriculum

We have worked hard to ensure our art curriculum is engaging and suitable for all of our children to access. As such, the children have enjoyed making pictures with fruit and vegetables in the style of Arcimboldo, making rain shadow pictures in the style of Andy Goldsworthy and observing seasonal changes by observational drawing of trees.