Pinewood is a community maintained mainstream Infant School.  We serve the local community of Pinewood Park. We are able to meet the needs of children with moderate learning difficulties.  Pupils may also have autism, physical difficulties, and sensory impairments.  The curriculum is made fully accessible and relevant, taking into account each child’s abilities, behaviour and learning styles. Each child is helped to achieve their full individual potential. Where a child does have special educational needs, parents are supported to understand their child’s needs and given guidance on how best to support their child. The child is involved, where practicable, in decisions affecting their provision.

Click here for a link to the Hantsweb page regarding SEND provision in Hampshire. Click here for a link to the Local Offer web page.



If your child has a Statement or EHCP, you may be able to apply for transport to and from the school. Please click here for a link to the ‘Home to School Transport (HCC). You will need to click on the ‘down arrow/chevron’ on the ‘Local Offer’ line for the information about home to school transport.