PSHE Curriculum


At Pinewood Infant School we intend to cover a comprehensive PSHE curriculum, where all children cover the recommended and compulsory content as they progress through the school years.  Each child will encounter a number of different lessons and experiences to help them develop their understanding of themselves and the people around them. 

Children will be taught the school values through the SCARF acronym: Safety, Caring, Achievement, Resilience and Friendship. This will also cover British Values and our school’s core values throughout their learning at Pinewood.  We aim for children to be emotionally aware, build a sense of belonging, develop empathy and have good emotional and communication skills to aid them to progress in future life


At Pinewood Infant School the PSHE curriculum consists of teaching the school values through the medium of SCARF.

  • SAFETY – teaching all children how to keep themselves safe so that they can live in the world successfully, without endangering themselves or others. This includes how to have safe relationships, and how to differentiate between helpful and harmful drugs. Overall we wish to ensure the children grow to be responsible and independent members of the community.
  • CARING – we will teach children the art of caring for themselves and each other, in the hope that they become emotionally aware, kind individuals. We also aim to ensure that through this care all children will learn respect for themselves and those around them. 
  • ACHIEVEMENT – we want every child in the school to achieve at Pinewood. We encourage all children to be motivated and make links in their learning to achieve the most that each individual can. 
  • RESILIENCE – this a key part of the children’s cross curricular learning. All children are given opportunities throughout the curriculum to plan their learning, reflect on what they have done and to be independent.  It is the time in SCARF or PSHE lessons where they can really learn to understand the importance of these skills, assess their own progress, and set their own personal goals.
  • FRIENDSHIP – one of our most important roles as teachers is to ensure all the children feel safe and valued. We do this by teaching what it is to be a good friend, and discussing: fairness, honesty, making links (building relationships) team work and respect. We believe that children need to understand and incorporate all of these values to ensure they can build positive relationships in the future.

Using these values, we aim to encourage understanding of our school values and to ensure the children understand their rights and the rules of being a valued member of society.  We use an adapted approach, where teachers change the lessons and lesson focus depending on the children’s needs within each class.  Although we follow the guidance given by Coram Life Education Wessex, teachers are not restricted by this.  

All teachers are trying to teach at least half an hour of SCARF a week and are tracking their lessons in their SCARF folders.


At Pinewood Infant School we develop each child as a whole person, ensuring they can reach their potential as an individual, as well as academically.  We are starting to assess using a simple tick system that is supplied by Coram Life Education, and this is then used as a tracking system to ensure every child develops their social skills where needed.  This information can be used to inform reports and to pass information onto the ELSA about any child that may need additional support socially outside the weekly SCARF sessions.  Children should also complete a pre- and post-assessment to show their development and learning within each term’s main theme, although this has only recently been introduced so may not be embedded in all classes currently.