What Our Parents Say

We asked the parents of the children who finished at Pinewood at the end of the 2013-14 year what they thought of Pinewood school.

What do we do well as a school?

Communicate, excellent teaching, friendly approachable staff. Event throughout the school year.

Encourage the children to be independent and to respect others.

Promote a good ethos of caring for one-another and keeping healthy.

As it's such a small school with only 1 class per year the teachers in all years know all the children. Changing the teachers around to different years is a very good thing.

Pinewood has a very friendly environment and there is always someone to speak to if any concern arise. The school motivates and encourages children according to their needs and abilities.

What is your favourite memory of the school?

Sharing and watching the children in the school assemblies and productions. Wow days.

All the events such as sports day and special assemblies but the Christmas Plays stand out the most as favourite memories.

Seeing childrens' progress bytaking part in class activities (my child and others in their class)

What one thing would you tell a new family starting at the school?

Pinewood is a very friendly and caring school who give a lot of help to children who need it.

Some parents have avoided Pinewood because of the helping of spciael needs and that they would worry about the childs progress if they didn't have. I woul say both my children are up to where they are expected. The teachers are lovely and have not once felt like they are falling back or anything.

Everyone is friendly, always talk to someone if you have a problem and they will do their best to solve it for you and your child.

It is an excellent school and definitely a good start for someone who is about to start their school life. the teachers are excellent who work hard along with your child to get the best out from your child.

Pinewood is a welcoming school to children and their families and progress from year R to end of Year 2 is wonderful to witness, it all goes far too quickly! Embrace every opportunity to be involved as a parent and give feedback to staff when things have gone well or if you have ideas! Staf are approachable and it is a great idea to be actively involved in events and things such as listening to children read or helping at a school event, you will benefit as much as your child. Enjoy the years of Pinewood!